In less than 6 days PÖFF, known also as Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, opens and starts showing a variety of movies from last two years. This is happening in Tallinn (obviously) during two weeks – 16th-30th of November. There are a lot of movies from Scandinavia and East-Europe but also of course from all over the world – 40/60 – so there is definitely something for everybody. There are also various sub-festivals happening during that time.

The reason why I wanted to do a short introduction post about this festival is due to the fact that I am taking a part of the program this year in a whole new way. On the 25th I’m going to Tallinn (I would like to go earlier but I have school) but not just to see the movies – I got the opportunity to take part in Nisimazine (NISI MASA) workshop. The multi-national group (Estonians, Finnish and Lithuanians) of film journalists, video bloggers and photographers that I’m in has an awesome chance to watch movies and then after the program ends put together a magazine based on the festival. It shouldn’t be difficult to figure out who I represent – journalists of course. At the moment I’m doing some research about the movies, there are so many!, and just looking forward for the end of the month.

This means great deal to me, I have had this dream of becoming a film journalist/critic for a long time, but not really doing anything towards this dream. Now, I found an opportunity, I tried and I caught the bull by its horns. Since things just got serious I plan to do some posts about PÖFF before the workshop, looking for some information about the movies featured in the program and maybe even watching some of them I wouldn’t have the chance to watch. I already found some I wanted to see but sadly can’t due to my busy schedule here in Pärnu – and my slow Internet is getting on my final nerves. But that doesn’t matter, I’m really happy and excited!

For more information about PÖFF here and about NISI MASA here.


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