I finally had the time (and courage) to watch Supernatural Season 5 two final episodes – and even though I am a fan, A BIG ONE!.. I feel like it should have ended.
I know that Eric Kripke, the creator of the show and probably the God in his spare time, is leaving the show (not really, but is leaving the season 6 to be carried by Sera Gamble) to do some other greater things – two sisters fighting evil? And that scares me a little bit because it means changes and they are never good when it comes to big hit shows (One Tree Hill big jump to the future for example)! But let us hope that season 6 won’t disappoint because it will be the last and I don’t want it to not end with a bang! A bang that could of happened at the end of season 5 if God hadn’t made a mess …

Season 5 was exciting and here comes the spoiler part – all those angels that died, all those demons, all those characters – and in the end, Castiel was still standing, Bobby was STANDING, Dean was still standing and Sam was still standing under a street-light looking at Dean creepily! So what changed? Lucifer got out, made some chaos, there was some drama, Winchesters got stuck in Tv-land, God went and bought himself a vacation (and was probably writing the whole time !) and the 4 horsemen all died or lost  their rings/power or what ever (except death – can death die?) – and in the end, nothing changed! Well okay, Dean still knows that Sam is dead but we know it’s not true – so for what was all that for? The end of the world came for 22 episodes and NOTHING happened! Oh well, people died, angels died and demons died, but that had happened before.. I was used to that. And now I have to get used to the fact that nothing has changed and Lucifer is gone and God has changed his vacation plans and Eric Kripke is leaving – this is going to be a LONG summer, because I can’t wait to see what they’ll think of next.. Winchesters beat Lucifer.. who’s next?


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