Based on the Week in TV-shows I’m gonna do this post in a very similar way. I’m gonna divide the shows into days and those days would be the days I can watch them (which is a day after they air). Since a lot of new shows have come to surface this year it is going to be a solid post and by now I have some idea what most of these shows are all about.


Against the Wall – a new police show about a strong hold family, mom, dad, three sons and a daughter who takes a job in Internal Affairs. That stirs trouble in the family cause internal affairs manages issues inside the police-force. I like the main character because of her unique look on life – an interesting rebel type of a woman, refreshing to be honest. It isn’t the best show but it was a nice entertainment this Summer although I doubt it will be around for a long time.

Pan Am – this show feels like Mad Men with planes. I don’t know if it is bad or not but so far I enjoy its retro outfits and some of the characters. The show involves Pan Am company stewardesses and pilots, their personal issues and what looks like a secret agent missions. Don’t know where the show is taking us but it is moving towards a well thought drama show if they are able to keep the audience interested. Among the amount of shows on TV at the moment, that is quite the mission.


2 Broke Girls – a sitcom about two different girls who are forced to come together cause they have no money. One from poverty, the other from money. Working together in a cafe and living together in a pretty solid apartment considering they are said to be totally broke. Has some good laughs but seems too shallow for some serious story-line building. Being honest, I watched the first 3 episodes and then I kind of gave up on it. As I heard CBS picked it up for the entire season, apparently people like it. Kat Dennings is kind of awesome in her role though, the mean girl act suits her

Hart of Dixie – Rachel Bilson returns to the TV-screen after The OC as a doctor. Is she likable, yes, is she believable as a doctor – I’m not sure but at least her character still has some fun. On the other hand I think that the show is actually carried by other characters who portray the southern town people, the famous football player turned major and the bad boy neighbor. While the main character has some okay story-lines I find myself more invested in the stories of others but I guess not all small town doctor shows can be like Everwood which is probably the show Hart of Dixie relates to the most.

Terra Nova – to be honest, I have only watched two episodes but ironically I have two next ones planned for tonight. First two still managed to give me a slight overview – a massive production is behind Terra Nova and that is something that might turn out to be the biggest plus. But I can’t hide the feeling that it is a total Avatar meets Jurassic Park – in a good way. Cause I think from the TV-show point of view it is a fresh look on society that has to movie out into the past and therefore brings us an interesting new angle from a TV-show perspective.


New Girl – Both the Deschanels are on the TV-screen from now on, Zooey joins her older sister but not in a serious way – she is there to get some laughs. Does she succeed? Honestly, she does! Last episode was one of my favorites and I hope to see even better ones. What makes New Girl enjoyable for me besides the laughs is the chemistry between the characters: all have different feelings towards the new girl but it is so sweet to see them bonding with her. Also something worth mentioning is that she is totally crazy in a cute way in this show – you have been warned.

Ringer – a new addition the the list of shows on CW brings us the drama of twins, portrayed by the one and only vampire slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar. She pretends to be the other twin after she thinks her sister has killed herself. Needs to be said that both of them have some serious trouble and problems ahead. Kristoffer Polah goes from Life Unexpected to Ringer and one of the Fantastic Four Ioan Gruffudd enters the TV world. So far I enjoy it, especially Gellar who gives a pretty decent performance. Ringers biggest competition is Revenge (also from CW) which on IMDb has a better score but for me lacks the performance skill Ringer seems to be giving me. Male cast next to Gellar is also impressive – grown up and solid.


Revenge – as I said, Revenge is on CW and is so similar to Ringer. Emily VanCamp portrays somebody she is not (sounds familiar?) in order to revenge her father who was put to jail for things he didn’t do. As far as VanCamp’s acting skills go I would say she falls short compared to Gellar and I’m not even going to talk about the rest of the cast. But IMDb seems to be telling me that I have the whole thing the other way around – Revenge better than Ringer. I would think that this situation is happening because Revenge is lighter, Ringer a bit more dark side.

Suburgatory and Up All Night – I’m gonna list these two in the same sentence – a big failure to bring us some kind of comedies that are too stupid even to make me laugh. That being said, watched two episodes of both and it was enough – I deserve better shows. IMDb gives them 7.7 and 6.4 – I guess I have set my priorities on what to watch and what not to watch (since I have time issues now) and these two didn’t make the cut. I still think they are bad, shallow and silly. but I guess my taste in comedy is different that those who rate these shows as good as they can get.


The Secret Circle – CW is making it hard on me to not watch their shows cause they seem to bring the teen-factor as well as the grown-up factor with their new shows. The Secret Circle is another adaption from L.J. Smith book series: since The Vampire Diaries has been such a success the network probably thought the same for The Secret Circle. I think it is still on a high but I doubt it will ever get as big as TVD is. Britt Robertson goes from Life Unexpected to this, Thomas Dekker joins as a love interest and an underrated actor Gale Harold gets another CW TV-show role. What is sad is that I never liked Robertson and now she is yet again the lead – but the story-lines are interesting enough to keep me invested in this for at least until the end of the season.

This is the list of new shows I am watching this season (or stopped watching), sadly I am watching almost all the shows I was watching before (with some exceptions) and due to my lack of time and the ability to download them I have fallen behind with so many of them. Almost sad this situation of mine, I can’t even watch movies during the week and I don’t have¬† a decent cinema (I mean more than one screening, fresh movies etc)¬† in my current town – so a lot of troubles are on my mind at the moment. I’m still trying to think of a way to come out of this dead-end I am in but I see now solutions in the near future. I just have to return to movies I have watched before I started this blog and keep up the trailer specials.

Coming soon: some TV-shows (old and new) I have watched and not yet written about.


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