In order to get back on track with my posting which has been slow for various reasons (which are probably named in a text on your right under “I’m sorry!”) I just thought to start posting like crazy this morning. Why today? Cause I’m in Viljandi and it feels like a prefect place to write. Besides I have a large cup of coffee next to me: so stopping isn’t an option.

Starting off with a comedy that I just recently stumbled on, not because I didn’t know about it, just because I finally got to see it. Superbad is the beginning of Seth Rogen, not his acting career which as you know started with Freaks and Geeks along side with James Franco and Jason Segel. Most of those who care to know are probably aware of the fact that all of these names mentioned represent some sort of a comedy type, including Jonah Hill and Michael Cera who play the leads in Superbad. It’s kind of a dirty comedy, silly but brutally true and the best way to describe this is to name a man who owns this type of comedy (not literally): Judd Apatow. So even before watching Superbad I knew what I was getting myself into and to be honest, I wasn’t as disappointed as I though I was going to be.

The story is about two unpopular guys, before their soon to be coming high-school graduation, who stumble into trouble when one of their mutual friends decides to make a fake ID and promises to buy alcohol. Things get even more complicated when a girl enters the picture (Emma Stone kicked off her movie career with this movie) and things get really messy. With foul language, dirty jokes and inappropriate story-lines Superbad is a nice entertainment for an evening. Would it be my favorite movie, probably not but it’s not because I don’t like it – I tend not to enjoy this type of humor more that once or twice with one movie. Other than that, Seth Rogen did a nice job that has earned him a 7,7 in IMDb and 3 out of 5 from me: because Michael Cera and Jonah HIll have amazing chemistry for a couple of guys.


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