In a desperate need for an awesome action movie? Well, this is probably it but you’d have to wait, it is released on the 17th of February but by the looks of it – worth the wait.

Act of Valor started off as a training video but since the Navy liked it so much they wanted to do a documentary which then turned into an action movie. Story is about Navy SEALS who – here comes the awesome part – are portrayed by real active Navy SEALS. So one might think that all that weapon and combat training that actors have to do is not needed and what goes on the screen is going to look as realistic as it gets; cause those guys actually do all of that for a living!

Therefore the trailer looks promising and what I’m looking forward for is that tactical part that happens before the bullets start flying which I hope this movie has: in addition to all those battle-scenes and bombs that are going off. Fingers crossed this movie will bring the authentic feel that it seems to be aiming for.

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