Going to the movies is something I do with movies I really want to see, What’s Your Number was one of those movies I really-really wanted to see. Not only because of Chris Evans who happened to hate clothes in this particular movie but because it seemed really nice and realistic (as realistic as a rom-com goes). After watching it I’m just gonna say that it was a bit cheesy at times and the end would’ve been too cheesy as well if it weren’t for that one line that sort of mocked the romantic comedy genre and basically saved the end.

Anna Faris for me was always the dumb blonde – House Bunny would be the example of what I am talking about when I say “dumb blonde”. What’s Your Number was a smarter role for her and I hope she gets more of those after this one. She was sweet and funny and sexy – not like scary sexy that she does a lot but hot sexy. Next to Chris Evans though, sorry Anna, but my eyes went straight for the captain. He is really popular lately, which is awesome cause I never understood why he didn’t get his big screen roles. His character in this movie was pretty much the slutty-guy-neighbor who helps Anna out with her man quest which brings me to the story.

Anna Faris plays Ally Darling, a young woman who has let to many men enter her “bedroom” and is now faced with an article that says: once you go 20 you never get married. She, determined to find all her exes cause one of them has to be the ONE, gets help from Colin Shea (Evans) who somehow knows how to do background checks. Zachary Quinto, Joel McHale, Martin Freeman, Andy Samberg and Dave Annable are just few of her exes that meet us on the screen. One of the exes who gets the oportuinity to be on a screen a lot is Chris Pratt – he is actually married to Faris (a fact that I keep forgetting).

So the story it self is again typical but I liked how it all played out and I thought Anna and Chris were great. Was there a lot of chemistry and unbearable tension between them, maybe not  all the time but to be honest, Anna likes the other Chris (Pratt) so I bet it was hard to concentrate on Evans six-back (or was it eight – should watch the movie again to be sure) that should have been on the poster of the movie. 5,6 on IMDb is pretty solid, I’m giving it a 4 out of 5 which is a record (it seems) cause I like both the leads and they kept it cool the entire time.

“Oh, what’s that Chris, you want me to watch the movie again? Aye aye, captain!”


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