This is another romantic comedy that brings you the unrealistic love-story with even more unrealistic built-up story to become the base of it all. So if nothing else comes to mind how to show the world another love-story gone right-made right then why not bring in some ghosts?

I’m not gonna write a post about a movie that was just a pass-time and not really interested me but I’m gonna just say that Emma Stone’s character was quite enjoyable and her performance was the most memorable of the entire movie. The lead character, Matthew McConaughey has never been my favorite, I don’t get why but probably has something to do with his whole persona. Jennifer Garner has had some great roles that I’ve liked and this one seemed familiar in a sense that it wasn’t a surprise her character was poised and mature.

The screenplay is actually written by the same guys who right after Ghosts of Girlfriends Past wrote and brought us Hangover. So the duo has some great chemistry, I just think that it was a good idea to move from romantic comedies to comedy in general. Maybe the whole story was a bit too shallow for my taste in a sense that I didn’t connect to McConaughey and his pulsing muscles like other some women do. So for me it is even hard to grade this one but I think that 2 out of 5 wouldn’t scare you away – just remember, I’m very critical of those romantic comedies and I rarely like them to begin with. Who knows, maybe you will enjoy it and I’m not gonna judge you for it – I remember a time when I lived off of romantic comedies, oh, that was a happier time.


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