The latest episodes of Glee I have watched with awe – Madonna episode to the Funk episode last night – I’m taking a bow to Ryan, Brad and Ian!

What is so great about the show are the characters – Sue Silvester is like the female version of dr House in tracksuits drinking shakes instead of popping pills. Last nights episode showed Sue’s human side once again, with Sue writing in her diary “Something strange happened yesterday. I felt something below the neck” just seemed so funny that I cracked a smile. And it wasn’t the only time, I even laughed out loud and I have realized that I do that a lot with Glee. It has this smart humor that isn’t cheesy – Kurt going “Rachel is one of us, we are the ones who get to humiliate her!” with a serious face just made my day. Too bad I can’t sing or else I’d be starting my own glee club – although I don’t know how popular it would be in Estonia.

By the way, did you noticed that Rachel didn’t have a solo? Puck, Finn and Quinn sang most of the songs in this episode and Rachel got egged – are the writers trying to bring down the Rachel ego since there are rumors that Lea Michele is becoming a diva? Guess it will remain a mystery but until then I love to see more Puck – although I can’t imagine the show without Kurt also and if I think about it, all the characters have kind of .. stole my heart.


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