Even though I’m feeling critical today, I have to say I enjoyed Dedication a lot more that I thought I would. The main reason why I wanted to see this movie was because of Justin Theroux who directed it. Theroux is first and foremost an actor but he also has done some screenplay writing (Tropic Thunder, Iron Man 2) and Dedication was his first try at directing.

Dedication features a writer played by Billy Crudup who looses his illustrator (Tom Wilkinson) and is assigned a new one by his publicist. Since he has some issues and problems, opinions that he can’t shake off and he really doesn’t like his new illustrator (Mandy Moore) at first he stirs up some trouble. But since she is very nice and patient (after she gets used to him) he falls in love with her. The chemistry between them is interesting, I like his darkness and her lightness which makes them opposites and apparently they attract.

Directing was okay, I liked some scenes very much, for instance the one where the writer was looking for the stone on the beach, and his driving scenes were brilliant as well. Then again the whole vibe of the movie was pretty interesting and sweet. I like the tortured writer types, I relate to them in a way that makes me like them more than other characters. That is probably the reason why I liked it more that the score IMDb has for it (which is 6,7) – I’m giving it a 4 out of 5. Besides, I watched it a while ago and I remember it as it was yesterday so I recommend it.


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