The Romantics is a movie packed with well-known names which really doesn’t make the movie any better. My issue with it is mostly the writing or the story in general which is probably why I actually can’t remember anything nice to say about it.

Katie Holmes plays the lead character, a broken down woman who is in love with her ex (Josh Duhamel) who is going to marry her sister (Anna Paquin). I’m not gonna lie, I dislike Katie Holmes cause she isn’t what people call a chameleon – she stays in a safe box and portrays characters that are so similar that I think that she is just like the people she portrays. Same goes for Josh Duhamel although this was a more serious role for him that he kind of pulled off. Anna Paquin was a place filler and still managed to steal the thunder from Katie.

Other characters were their friends, two married couples who had this weird scene that looked so unbelievable in a sense that all that couldn’t happen like it did. Too unreal. Although it was nice to see Malin Akerman and Adam Brody together, they seemed adorable but I didn’t enjoy the story-lines they had to play out.

So a lot of bad things to say about The Romantics but I’m pretty critical today. On a lighter note, there were moments when the whole vibe of the movie was pleasing. I enjoyed the scene where Anna Paquin was waiting for her sister and friends by taking sips of alcohol and eating candy. It seemed so polished which made it look a bit funny but sad as well. So yes, the movie had its moments but the overall story was a bit shaky and I can’t even remember what happened in the end so it is also forgettable.

IMDb gives it a solid 5,2 which is okay I guess but I’m throwing it with a 2 out of 5. Probably due to the fact that I’m not in a mood for romance and this movie just reminds me how everybody and every love story is bad and actually, this movie didn’t have any healthy relationships at all. I guess that made it a really unrealistic movie – not everybody needs to have a broken relationship. So all in all, The Romantics forgot to show me the romance.


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