New seasons of TV-shows, old and new, is gaining its speed and I’m already struggling to remember when I have the opportunity to see them. And since my TV-show addiction is something I share with by friend Rutt, I have some shows that I don’t watch listed here as well (you are welcome!). So here it is, our week filled with TV-shows – and yes, it is like a reminder for us but don’t worry, all the shows that have 2011 behind them will be featured in a post about new shows.

NB: The shows actually air the previous day but since I’m from Europe I get the chance to see them the next day. So all you guys from the States, be sure to check out this list.

  • Our reminder: Black is both, red is only me and blue is only Rutt.


Against the Wall – 2011

Desperate Housewives – desperate for the last season.

Dexter – killing bad guys and raising children.

How To Make It In America – take notes.

Pan Am – 2011


2 Broke Girls – 2011

Being Erica – life lessons from Canada.

Castle – still keeping us entertained.

Gossip Girl – xoxo since 2007.

Hart of Dixie – 2011

Hawaii Five-0 – bromance criminal show.

House MD – still diagnosing, still being rude.

How I Met Your Mother – yes, you’re right, Ted is still looking for the mother of his children.

Terra Nova – 2011


90210 – dramatic in the sun.

Glee – still singing high notes.

New Girl – 2011.

Parenthood – a different kind of brothers and sisters.

Ringer – 2011.


America’s Next Top Model – ALL STAR season.

Criminal Minds – a more serious criminal show.

Happy Endings – got cancelled but they’re so awesome that they came back!

Modern Family – families that are modern.

Psych – another criminal bromance with “abilities”.

Revenge – 2011

Suburgatory – 2011

The X Factor USA – Simon Cowell took it to the States.

Up All Night – 2011.


Bones – (starts in November!)

Community – there’s no such thing as too funny.

Grey’s Anatomy – good music with great writing.

Project Runway – make it work.

The Big Bang Theory – nerding up our Friday!

The Secret Circle – 2011.

The Vampire Diaries – vampires, werewolves, witches and ghosts?

The X Factor USA – soon to be the elimination show.


Chuck – last season (starts in the end of October).

Fringe – two universes come together.

Nikita – spy-games.

Supernatural – still super.


Day to catch up with movies and other TV-shows.


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