Being behind with my posts has been quite stressful cause I keep taking on new TV-shows and movies and now I’m under a big load of posts that need to be written. So my conscious is telling me to finally write the review for Thor which I watched like a month ago or something.

For those who don’t know, Thor is one of the comic-book movies that comes together with Captain America, Iron Man and others in The Avengers. That being said I think Thor was a bit rushed because Captain and Iron were much better movies than the man with the hammer. Although I might think that maybe the story itself was a bit shaky to begin with but I’m not gonna go there cause I know I don’t have the knowledge. Besides, I do not care for Chris Hemsworth and his Australian charms. In addition to that, Natalie Portman was playing the female lead and well, I’m gonna be totally subjective over here, I don’t like her either. Although other supportive actors were much more appealing starting with Anthony Hopkins who played the father and Tom Hiddleston who played the evil-brother.

If I’m already telling you about the story why not give away some spoilers as well cause knowing what’s coming wouldn’t make this movie any worse. Thor is the overly egoistic son of the king and since his ego pretty much destroys their planet (or universe or something) his hammer is taken away from him and his exiled to Earth – he is now basically like a very big (stupid) man with no superpower giving hammer. So the first part of the movie he is like “Where’s my hammer?” and when he finally finds it he can’t get to it because he still has a big ego and therefor thinks only of himself. But then he of course finds his way and sacrifices himself. After that something something happens and the portal closes and he can’t get back to Earth to kiss Natalie Portman and his brother is still evil and probably walking around on Earth and the sequel will probably have the brother-fight going on the whole time. Sounds about right I would think.

Now, I don’t want to be mean or anything, but I think that 7,2 score on IMDb is too high for Thor cause it’s the same for Captain America. So I’m gonna trust the Metascore which gives CA a 66/100 and Thor a 57/100 and this makes much more sense. People like Thor, apparently it is a likable movie but was it the fact that I watched it on a small TV screen and not in the cinema that gets into my way – maybe. Action movies tend to be better on a big screen with an awesome sound-system and I did see Captain America at the cinema. The reason could also be the fact that I like Chris Evans a lot more than the Chris who played the man with the hammer so it’s no surprise I’m giving Thor a 2,5 out of 5. I just like the shield more than the hammer – I’m sorry Thor, better luck next time.


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