While Suits was running and making my weeks a whole lot of better than they would’ve been without it I was looking for more Gabriel Macht. Since A Love Song For Bobby Long was a movie my dear friend had recommended me countless of times I finally took the time to see it. I need to be very mentally in a right place in order to watch a serious movie, I just can’t manage to connect with deep movies while I’m tired which is a lot lately. But not to gonna make this post about me and I’m just gonna tell you what I thought about this movie that by the end had given me mixed feelings.

A Love Song For Bobby Long is a story about three people that come together because of a serious situation and have to tolerate each other. John Travolta and Gabriel Macht portray the more beat down characters, alcoholics who try to manage with each other while they try to keep themselves together. Travolta as a previous teacher and Macht as a writer was an unexpected duo kind of worked but was disturbed by Scarlett Johansson who had some good moments but still didn’t win me over.

The story was about pathetic people were supposed to be run down by life itself but looked the opposite to that. This iss my problem with it, all though it was great to see Macht in a different role as somebody who was on the lowest bar of the life-ladder I kept seeing him as somebody much better. Trying not to think about the actors, the story on its own was very decent. I like all the movies which refer to writers especially those who struggle to write (just the other day I watched Finding Forrester again – still love it). Apparently others like these types of movies as well cause it has a 7,1 score on IMDb and I’m giving it a solid 3 out of 5. I feel like it should get much more but I think it could’ve been much more as a movie as well. But to give you an idea what A Love Song For Bobby Long is all about I added few stills to the post.


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