This is no secret that I like Joseph Gordon-Levitt and I have pretty much seen every movie he has been in. Since Inception I’ve been looking forward to his new action movie Premium Rush that opens on January 13th and might be a really good one. Although they like to make the trailers like short movies which give away basically the whole story-line I still think I will end up liking it. Not sure how the characters’ story lines are gonna play out but hopefully Premium Rush would be another addition to my Top 10 list.

Besides Gordon-Levitt and Jamie Chung this movie doesn’t have familiar on-screen names to me. But the director and co-writer David Koepp has done a lot of movies (he wrote Spider-Man) so I have high hopes towards the production (writing/directing) and I’ll find out if I’m right about Premium Rush or not. Meanwhile I have this trailer to keep me interested:

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