Keeping things on the fun side (before I do a short summary of this years Emmy Awards) I’m continuing with The Change-Up which I saw a couple of weeks ago. While I have the up-most respect for Jason Bateman (I just like him so much) I find Ryan Reynolds a bit annoying. I think it’s because I have seen him so much and he always seems to play the same characters. But I’m not gonna get into my subjective opinions cause I want to keep this post short.

So, this is another comedy that brings us the body-switch situation but a more grown-up version of this situation. I was quite excited about it before I went to see it and it was probably not a surprise to me that I ended up not liking it. Was it because of the jokes that went too far or was it because the ending was just too messy and weird. The babies in the movie were… well, I just felt sorry for them and I couldn’t really laugh from the heart. I don’t know how to explain but I just didn’t feel it.

Jason Bateman was adorable as always, Ryan Reynolds had the same expressions as always, Leslie Mann gets cast as a mom a lot (cause she is a mom?), Olivia Wilde was the hot assistant (hot being the main emphasis) and this was basically the whole main cast. IMDb has 6,4 for this one and I’m giving it a 2,5 out of 5 cause I’m not feeling the fun, but in other situations it can probably pull off a 3 out of 5.


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