Best show ever! This might be hard to believe cause there have been countless amount of TV-shows but I really think this one is by far the best in a very long time. Not only the best show this summer, not only the best new-comer but frankly a very great show in the midst of other shows that have aired and are still airing.

Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter

Suits started this Summer and had 12 episodes on USA network – it returns next Summer with 16 episodes and it will be a very long wait for those who have already seen the shows final cause it left a very awesome cliff-hanger (it’s a complete torture but still awesome). Aaron Korsh is the creator behind Suits (also a writer and the producer), he has a lot of experience with writing for sitcoms, something what he uses very brilliantly in Suits. A rater dramatic show has this comedic shadow that makes it more enjoyable. It shares a 35-38th place on IMDb’s best TV-shows list: with Game of Thrones they are the newest shows in that list. (Haven’t seen Game of Thrones yet, cause I was planning to read the books first, we’ll see.)

Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross

The main characters are Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) who is New York’s best closer who needs to hire a new lawyer who happens to be Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) – a lawyer who has actually never graduated from law school. With other main characters such as Harvey’s assistant Donna (Sarah Lafferty), a paralegal Rachel (Meghan Markle), junior partner Lewis (Rick Hoffman) and the boss Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) a very professional cast is formed. Adding to the mix the perfect atmosphere in and outside the office (the show was filmed in Toronto, Canada) and the sharp clothes (mostly suits as you might of figured) Suits becomes a beautiful show. Visually and writing wise it is a clean cut, sharp and elegant show that has great story-lines, nice twists and turns plus a very interesting relationship between Harvey and Mike. Like I already said the ending of the first season was such a thrilling cliff-hanger that an applause is probably the only thing I can do at the moment. Actually I will applaud for the entire season – well done Suits, well done!


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