This is some what my Summer guilty pleasure, TV-show about high-school students who fit the stereotypes (with some twists) seem to suit me this time around cause I enjoy every episode and look forward to the next one. Awkward. (yes it has a dot in the end) airs on MTV (it has done well with new shows except the US version of Skins which tanked) and I’m no expert but it gives me the Juno and Whip It  vibes. Both ironically have Ellen Page in the lead – guess she is the stereotype for unpopular-sarcastic-boyish girls that Awkward has also used on their lead character.

I decided to do this by naming the main characters and adding a short summary of them, this would in a long run give you also an idea of the show in general. Nothing much to the story-lines since they have had only 7 episodes (10 in a season) which run for 20 minutes. So no deep-serious story building but enough to offer likable characters and some entertainment. Actors are fresh and as a whole the cast is not bad for MTV.

♦ Jenna (Ashley Rickards) – prettier than she thinks, sarcastic and unpopular. Plot starts after she has slept with the coolest guy in school at camp. Later, after school has started she receives a letter and writes something depressing on her blog right before she has an accident. Suddenly she is noticed (which goes against her cause she wants to be invisible etc) and everything goes on from there.

♦ Matty (Beau Mirchoff) – the coolest guy in school who has this weird habit that nobody seems to mock which is a hit to the typical jock stereotype.

♦ Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) – Jenna’s best friend who wants to be popular and is the most colorful of the bunch.

♦ Jake (Brett Davern) – another popular boy who has a mean/stupid girlfriend but is nice and friendly to other himself.

♦ Sadie (Molly Tralov) – The mean girl, captain of the cheerleaders who loves food and making mean comments. Twist on a stereotype.

♦ Older characters are Jenna’s parents (later version of teen mom and dad) and the guidance counselor who gives some pretty weird advice.

All in all, it is a nice laugh because it has great writing (some quotes are very  clever) and over the top characters that actually don’t seem to bother me as much. Blame the Summer for not having many TV-shows that I can watch, it has clouded my judgment (although IMDb has 8.1 for Awkward. – apparently I’m not the only one): I like a show that is about teenagers and *bleeps* the cursing words – and I’m not ashamed of it.


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