As the Summer is about to end I decided to do a stats post and since the last one I did was like 90 posts ago (you can see post #120 here) I thought it would be great to show you how MR. Movie-Addict has been doing since then.

Over all the Summer has been pretty good and ever since April 2011 I have had much more views. It had 5415 views – making it my best month ever and considering that in 2010 (May – December) I had 4013 views total it certainly is an improvement. These next two images give the basic idea (click for a better image):

Since the first images give pretty much all the information about how the blog is doing I thought I’d show some images of other cool facts like most popular search terms that have led to my blog, how many views most popular posts have gotten so far and other totals.

So this is it, this is how Mettel Ray: Movie-Addict has been doing so far – 31, 602 views – and I hope thing just go up hill because there certainly is room for growth. And I’m not tired of writing this blog and to be honest, I’m just getting started!

Thank you all for reading my blog, you all are awesome!


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