It is no surprise that after Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe would have many roles in front of him. He’s definitely not a bad actor, once you kind of grow up acting I think it becomes a part of you. I’m rather happy about him taking on roles that might brake him loose from his Harry Potter image and The Woman In Black is a good start.

Based on a novel (and a remake of the 1989 movie by the same name) The Woman In Black is written by the rising screenplay star Jane Goldman (Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class) and it tells a story about a haunted town where a young lawyer (Radcliffe) goes to set straight some legal affairs. It is said that the script is different from the novel but haven’t read it I might not even mind (although I could read it – who knows). Trailer looks good, thrilling and creepy while a child reads a poem about the woman in black a atmosphere of the movie is set – this movie will be released on Feburary 3rd 2011.

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