This trailer special is a little bit more organized than the previous ones: the trailers are listed in an order by their release date in the USA. Since I’m a little behind on the trailer front I’m doing this another more than one in one post.

• Starting with a movie that was already released on August 19th: Fright Night. Since vampires are in at the moment Marti Noxon comes back to show us how it’s really done. The writer behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and many others/plus a producer) brings us a story about a young teen (Anton Yelchin – adorable little thing) who wants to kill a vampire called Jerry (Colin Farrell). Hopefully it looks as good as it sounds: Toni Collette, David Tennant and even Dave Franco are in this one as well.


• Next month, on September 16th Drive comes out: a movie that stars the oh-so-popular-man-at-the-moment Ryan Gosling looks so much like Transporter and I know this because the trailer is like a 2 minute movie (as it was also pointed out in a comment under that video) – Americans should learn how to make trailers! Besides that – a typical action movie I reckon, nothing special, Ryan looks good though.


• After that, another chance to see Anton Yelchin is on October 16th but this time in a romantic drama. Like Crazy tells a story of a couple who is forced to be apart because of an expired visa. It looks like something I want to see and it also reminds me of One Day, a movie that just came out – but romance is always a little bit different.


• With all the previous movies it’s a good chance to see them all before 2012 kicks in but with The Odd Life of Timothy Green a Disney movie that stars Jennifer Garner, Joel Edgerton (from The Secret Life of Us) and Cameron “CJ” Adams as Timothy (adorable kid in his break-through role in my opinion) the wait is long. This comes out on August 15th 2012 – and even though it kind of looks like Benjamin Button and is a Disney movie – I’m still looking forward for this.

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