I’m gonna make this a short one: Cameron Diaz, Justin TImberlake and Jason Segel. I have nothing against all of these actors and Jason is good in my books whatever role he takes on. Despite the great names Bad Teacher (2011) as a movie wasn’t something I’d watch with my mom. (Those who don’t know, I watch only great and serious movies together with her.)

The Bad Teacher is about a very bad teacher (Diaz) who wants a raise in order to buy herself some boobs to impress this guy (Timberlake). This is a sentence I never want to write again – and I believe I wouldn’t be able to cause nobody else will be making something like this ever again. But the plus side is the bright star in this one: gym-teacher (Segel) – I like his character because he seems very real. The most unrealistic character actually isn’t the bad teacher (Diaz) but the good teacher (Lucy Punch) who is annoying and a bad example of a villain. Despite all of this, the movie had some cute jokes and well – the sex scene between Diaz and Timberlake was something I’d never thought I’d see (well played writers, well played!).

So this one gets 2 out of 5 and I don’t need to explain this any more because this was a black-comedy (with a little bit of romance) which won 3 Teen Choice Awards – do I need to say more?


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