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When I thought about how my 2014 in Retrospect will eventually turn out, I figured there should be a special post for my favorite people as well. Just as there are many good movies and shows, there are also amazing actors and actresses whom I loved this year the most. Granted, many stood out at the end of the year where the movie brilliance peeked for 2014.

Here are 10 people that stood out for me in 2014 !

emmy rossumThe beginning of the year is all about Shameless, always and forever, all while Emmy Rossum shines through as one very brilliant yet underrated actresses. In 2014 I also saw her in movies and it was a great change of pace compared to her phenomenal Fionna Gallagher.

miles tellerFor me, 2013 ended with The Spectacular Now and 2014 continued to be the year of Miles Teller. His performances kept surrounding me and I suddenly found myself liking a romantic comedy because of him. And all of this happened before he blew me away in Whiplash.

daniel radcliffeHarry Potter is no more and to be honest, I haven’t really thought about the wizard while watching any of Daniel Radcliffe movies this year. He just adapts himself so well to new roles and characters, as well as being a really great person in person – such as in interviews and articles.

noel fisherThere’s only one role that has enough power to make a person completely lovable and luckily for Noel Fisher, he gets to portray him. Mickey Milkovich had an incredible Shameless season in 2014 and it was all because of the precious man – (he’s 30!?) so there’s only love for Fisher.

emma stoneWhat made 2014 interesting was the fact that the promotion tour for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was better than the movie. Stone and Garfield mesh so well but it’s Stone’s bubbly personality and great wits that makes her my favorite in 2014 and any other year!

chris messinaThe Mindy Project peeked as one of my favorites last year especially since Chris Messina became almost irresistible. He even managed to steal my heart as a cheating husband in Sam Smith’s music video I’m Not The Only One. Also, his dance moves are legendary!

jamie dornanI don’t care that The Fall just happened, all I care about is that Jamie Dornan deserves to be among the 2014 favorites because he is brilliant! His performance as Paul Spector is among my all time favorite performances and it’s all thanks to Dornan’s eery stare.

mindy kalingThe woman who completely stole my heart last year was the fabulous Mindy Kaling! Her show is constantly evolving into something amazing and she tackled the MindyxDanny relationship without a failure. I love her so so much!

chris prattThere’s no denying of the fact that this was Chris Pratt’s year and I have nothing against it. Chris is the guy next door, funny, loyal and lovable – it’s just a bonus that he is now also ripped as hell.

jake gyllenhaalFinally, when 2013 was McConaughey’s year, my 2014 belongs to Jake Gyllenhaal and all because of Louis Bloom. And after witnessing his amazing performance in Nightcrawler, I visited his earlier performances, and he completely stole my heart. Whose to say that he’ll ever give it back.


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