reso1Firstly, I should learn how to use a calendar because I mistakenly thought it was Wednesday today, rather than assuming the worst and missing the Wild Wednesday ramblings day by a whole day – seriously, it’s already Thursday!? Anyway, my lack of competence when it comes to using such things that might give me an idea of the current date is not the aim of this rambling! The actual idea is to bring you along for a 2013 mission that might constitute as a resolution if such a large amount of it wasn’t actually in the hands of my viewers.

reso2The previous and the year before I literally wrote 59 and 60 reviews – there isn’t much growth in there so I decided to write 100 reviews this year! This means approximately 8 reviews a month – 2 reviews a week and I’m not showing much enthusiasm with that this week yet but trust me, I’m getting there! It seems like a good mission because it will allow me to have some days off as I know I’ll need (lazy days for the win) – so a realistic number to have for 2013.


This one is another one that I thought I should have, a certain amount of movies for a year that I have to watch. Hereby, of course, new movies are only considered but since I’m writing BOT posts and sometimes don’t feel the need to review a movie (for instance Step Up Revolution – honestly, why should I even bother?) I think the actual movie count should be a bit bigger than the review one. Who knows, maybe I manage to review more that 100 and watch more than 200 – these numbers are just there for me to aim at something. Already seen one movie this year – how great is that!?

reso4Next missions are more in the hands of my viewers but I know from experience that a lot is also connected to the content of the blog and the systematic posting schedule. I’ve seen a general growth over the past few weeks and the views haven’t been under 300 for over a week now – hence my mission to get 1000 views a day! I came really close when Google Images decided to bring nearly 700 views to my blog one day, so I assume this is also possible. Though I’d prefer actual visits over image-views I’m being realistic, images bring traffic!

reso5As some of you might know, I got 80,000+ views last year and I’m aiming higher in 2013. The growth I had from 2011 was nearly 30,000 views so I assume getting 100,000 is yet again just a good first level and if I do get to it sooner than expected then I’m aiming even higher. I don’t know why, but views do matter in the blogging world because want it or not, seeing people visiting your blog gives you that extra push to keep blogging. Same goes for comments and followers.

reso6A quarter of a million total views would mean a bit more than 100,000 views in 2013 but like I said, I’m aiming realistically and step by step – so if I achieve the previous goal, I’m going for this one! Though these last three aren’t really something I can control as much, except posting content regularly and going to other blogs, commenting a lot and continuing to grow the community. So in a way, it is still up to me a lot when it comes to these numbers and hence my resolution to comment more on other blogs – I really need to get my act together with that one.

Anyway, with that last idea, I’m off to do some school stuff, go on a long blog-reading spree and come back to write a review or two about those TV-shows I was watching last year.


Have you already achieved these numbers, if so, how long did it take you?


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