I saw this dark and interesting adaption of a famous novel quite some time now and even though I was pretty happy with it I kept forgetting to write the review. Since I myself haven’t read Brontë’s novel I thought the movie was rather excellent. Reading that casting Mia Wasikowska as the lead was a great choice – I started thinking about her role and even though her character was a bit restrained I also found her likable.  Rochester was portrayed by Michael Fassbender who seems to be in a lot of movies lately and it’s only good to see him there.

I said in the beginning that the movie is dark and it sure is – the story itself and the atmosphere around it. A fresh director Cary Fukunaga made sure that it all came together into a rough love-story or I can’t even describe what it was. Definitely interesting to see those two even between the secrets. I liked the movie, I might even watch it one more time but this might just be the fact that I enjoy those types of movies a lot. Pride and Prejudice is still one of my favorites but Jane Eyre with 7,6 score on IMDb sure is close to that. What makes these movies so different is the darkness of it all, Jane Eyre seems much more black and bitter and there’s nothing wrong with that. So a 3,5 out of 5 would do for this 2 hour long movie that has a much more realistic love-story than the ones that take place in 21st century.


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