Since I haven’t posted for a while I decided to do a short post on the newest trailer i saw just minutes ago: You Again. It opens in 24th September and while I’m not really excited about the plot (high-school isn’t over when Marni and her mom meet the two women that made their school years horrible) I am thrilled about the list of amazing actresses that are i it.

Starting with the sweet girl from Veronica Mars and Heroes, Kristen Bell as Marni and Jamie Lee Curtis as her mom. I just have to say, I love Jamie Lee! I like how she isn’t trying to hide her gray hair, because she still looks great (she’s like the female version of Stevie Martin who has worne his gray hair for a long time). There is also Sigourney Weaver and teh beloved Betty White! There is also Odette Yustman, (who I can’t place anywhere in my mind but who apparently was in October Road and is dating Dave Annabel), playing the “enemy” of Marni. While this list looks awesome and they probably will do an awesome job playing their roles (all of them), I’m still not sure if this movie will stay on the classic comedy slot or will it turn out to be an over the top cheezie comedy – that happens more than you think. Even if there are such icons as White, Curtis and Weaver – they will rock it, no doubt – the story itself stands seperately and how that will turn out?, well just have to wait and see..


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