This one man show starring Jake Gyllenhaal is like the budget version of Inception. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing to make movies about the consciousness but Source Code was – I don’t know what. Honestly, I liked the beginning of it, the whole “I’m-in-a-wrong-body-must-save-world-by-finding-bomber” thing but when he saved the day he then decided to make something else happen and I really didn’t get that.

Jake Gyllenhaal is a soldier who gets badly wounded and then the government recruits him for the “Source Code” project which basically means his subconsciousness is put into a dead man’s body. He is dead but he isn’t yet, before he dies, he has a certain amount of time to locate the bomber (he fails the first time and tries over and over again). He then of course falls in love with the woman sitting in front of him while keeping in mind the fact that he is somebody he is not and trying to save the “world” while not being able to save her. So far I get it.

Then, he finds the bomber and decides to go back to that train to “die” with her or something cause the train doesn’t explode and he and she walk away into the “sunset” together and the next thing you know is that he has prevented the train being blown up in the first place and his body is still there (what’s left of it) very much alive. Then, they lost me.

It amazes me that Source Code has a score 7 in IMDb because I’m giving this a 2,5 out of 5 – maybe it’s me and my hate for these types of hero stories where he always has to get the girl (why?) and everything has to be good in the end. For the love of god, it’s an action-thriller movie, why not kill somebody!? Even the half-dead soldier that Gyllenhaal was portraying was breathing in the end, still able to do his Source Code missions! Don’t be afraid to play it the hard way, just shoot somebody!


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