To be completely honest, I haven’t watched a serious drama in a long time and actually there hasn’t been anything that has interested me – except now. When the ever favorite George Clooney writes and directs a movie with him in the lead and the guy who stole our heart in The Notebook, Ryan Gosling next to him you surely would think that nothing can go wrong.

The movie is very political, lots of intrigue and all of it seems like something my mom would definitely love. I hope it is as interesting as The Ghost Writer was which was probably the last political drama I watched. Helping along the seriousness is the rest of the cast that includes Paul Giamatti, Philip Seymore Hoffman, Evan Rachel Wood and Marisa Tomei – looks like a really great mix for a movie about soon to be president that seems to be playing it dirty all the way.


But the trailer (and Clooney/Gosling) isn’t the only reason why I wanted to do this post, I actually was stunned by the poster. Is it the similarities between the men or is it just theĀ  idea that is just genius but The Ides of March has probably the most visually interesting poster of a drama movie. After the movie comes out on October the 7th, I definitely hope to get myself that poster.


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