Last night I watched the last episode of the season, well.. what the hell happened? I am happy for House for sure, finally he gets some(!), but the ending for me was so cut off from the rest of the episode that it seemed entirely a new show. The situation with them two hasn’t been on the edge like for instance with Booth and Bones so I guess the writers just wanted to write them together but the way they did it..

Cuddy: “I love you. I don’t want to, but I do.” – Now she tells him!? She got engaged just last night and then she decides to tell House that, hey, I love you! Well, okay, I can live with that – maybe.

House has always been this depressed mad man who says what ever comes to his mind, what now? He becomes a happy familyman (Cuddy has a kid!) and starts to smile and be nice to people? God, I hope love doesn’t brakeĀ  House !


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