Since my town (which isn’t that small!) doesn’t have a cinema I decided to “build” one: I know show a variety of movies in my basement to those who bother showing up and who are also invited cause it’s free of charge. So it really isn’t a cinema and thinking about the rather small screen it can hardly be called a TV-watching-space also¬† – which at the moment isn’t the point at all. The point is, that me and some of my friends watched Paul the other night and I think we liked it.

The movie tells a story about two British guys who go to comic-con (I would like to go there as well in the future!) and after that they begin their road-trip to places where aliens have been sighted. Then they find Paul (voice by Seth Rogen)- a friendly, pot-smoking and a funny alien who has escaped the government and wants to go home. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost who play the Brit’s help him and along the way they also pick up Kristen Wiig who plays a ex-Christian who knows a lot of weird curse-sentences. One of my favorite characters in this was actually played by Jason Bateman – I simply love that guy.

Anyway, this was a rather good comedy about an alien although I think that it isn’t better than Men in Black – best alien comedy movie I know. But considering Paul’s good grade on IMDb (7,2) and the fact that Paul is a common name in Estonia (and I like to say that I just watched Paul because I have a friend who has that name as well) I’m thinking this was a 3,5 out of 5. So it falls short of a 4 because I think I could have laughed much more than I did – I always need a little bit more.


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