Since the TV-show posts are rather popular in my blog, I decided to do a new post about one of my fresh favorites: Fringe. First thing you need to know about this show, is that it is created by J. J Abrams who has lately caught my eye because I discovered that I like pretty much everything he does. Abrams loves science fiction and apparently I love it as well, and Fringe offers a lot of sci-fi to its fans – 2 universes is a lot of fiction! Here is a short post about Fringe and since I’m well known not to give away too much detail this post doesn’t really entail spoilers. I don’t believe in those, only if I do a episode post I give away a lot of information but that isn’t the case this time.

Not to give away a lot and not to ruin the show for those who haven’t watch this yet, I’m gonna name 5 main reasons people should watch this – bare in mind that this is a sci-fi TV-show and if you’re not into that kind of stuff, then these reasons might not be enough which is silly because everybody should have a little science and fiction in their lives. But first of all a short summary of Fringe (more about the show): The show is about an agent, Olivia Dunham, who gets a job in the Fringe division that works with unexplained phenomenons that are happening around the world. Walter Bishop is a scientist who has worked with fringe science but who has spent many years in a mental institution so he needs his son, Peter Bishop, to be his guardian when Dunham “hires” him. So the father and the son start working for/with Olivia in solving these weird cases and a long the way they discover a lot of secrets about themselves as well.

# 1: Anna Torv – Usually I name the male characters before the female ones, because I’m that kind of a girl, but Anna Torv who plays Olivia Dunham looks simply the coolest actresses out there. Maybe it’s the fact that she is part Estonian (I’m 100% Estonian), that I like or maybe it’s just because she looks so tough and funny at the same time. She also has a knack for portraying 2(3) different characters – can’t tell more because this would ruin the story-line for the second season. Anna Torv is from Australia, and although she is half Estonian she is estranged from her father, she is born on June 15th 1978.

# 2: Joshua Jackson – Ever since Dawson’s Creek ended I kind of missed Joshua on the TV-screen, luckily he got his second big role in Fringe, playing Peter Bishop the caring son of a crazed scientist. He comes off as naturally sweet and adorable on and off the screen, he also isn’t hard on the eyes – look at those blue eyes! Joshua Jackson is originally from Canada, he was born on June 11th 1978 (which means him and Anna are the same age and Gemini – the reason they click so well?) and is dating a German actress who’s fashion sense has rubbed off to Joshua (he always dresses so nice) – Diane Kruger.

# 3: J. J. Abrams – I already named him but I wanna emphasis him once more because he has a great eye for science as well as other aspects of life more realistic than waking up the dead or something. I’m not sure how much work he does with this show but I’m happy he had the time to create it. Plus, he’s producing the sequel for Star Trek (I don’t know if he’s directing again) which is good news for me. For those who don’t know, he was also behind the creating of Lost, so he kind of knows what he’s doing and since IMDb gives Fringe a 8,7 I would say he is doing a fine job so far.

# 4: John Noble – or I would rather say Walter Bishop because he is the brains behind this whole show, not very solid though – he tends to wander off and get side tracked with food, but still the whole science usually works thanks to him. He kind of stole the show for me in the first season because he was so refreshing, he reminds me of House a little, but less mean and much more crazy – after that he kind of got used to the world and started to make much more sense. But his character still brought the show the main story-lines so he is very important and funny also.

# 5: The other universe – this is kind of a spoiler, so don’t read if you tend to watch this show (which you should). Our universe is/has a parallel universe much like ours and the second/third season are mainly about this other universe that is starting to fall apart. The second universe gives the show a nice opportunity to keep things fresh. The episodes that feature (are mainly happening on the other universe) have also a different intro (reality is blue, second universe is red). The second universe idea is kind of inspiring, it is well thought of and it has a lot of story-lines evolving around it.

So these are the five main reasons that came to my mind, I have watched it all (almost – the end of season 3 is still waiting for me) and I will keep watching it when it comes back this fall. Although it was kind of great to watch three seasons in a row with no breaks and stuff – endless Fringe for days was/is awesome!


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  • I’m about to go on a Fringe binge like you did too. I just found the show on DISH Network’s live streaming site, dishonline. I was just browsing the massive amount of content and stumbled on it and thought I’d give it another try (I watched one early episode way back and it didn’t hook me at the time). This time though I really liked it, I don’t know if it’s gotten better or if I was just ready to watch another supernatural type show. I’m glad I word for DISH, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have even known about dishonline and may never have given Fringe another try.

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