By a miracle I remembered that I had forgotten to add Everwood to my list of TV-shows that I have seen, so I did that and in addition to that I decided to watch it all over again. God I love it when I remember something that I forgot and I get something really good out of it – study-breaks have now got a new meaning to them (although there are many other shows I would like to watch also).

The reason why I enjoy Everwood is that I don’t really remember much about it, I watched it with my mother, I remember some specific things about it but I think I just missed the first part of the first season and that is the reason I don’t remember the things that are happening in it. I have only watched the first 4 episodes but I already remember why I liked the show – Ephram Brown! Yeah, this might seem as a teenage crush thing I have going on but let me just specify – I HAD a teenage crush thing going on! Plus, I like to reminisce on shows that were part of my Saturday nights with my mom, oh, the simpler times… Plus there are so many familiar faces, there is Emily VanCamp (Brothers and Sisters), Sara Drew (Gray’s Anatomy), Marcia Cross (Desperate Housewives) and Sarah Lancaster (Chuck) from all the shows that are running at this time.

While I am trying to study (write my semi-final-paper) I find Everwood very relaxing and I hope I get to watch the whole series during the summer when all the shows are at their brakes. Put also I’d like to not spend so much time indoors – a dilemma I face every day!


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