I think by now all my friends and the readers of this blog (if there are any) know that I watch and have watched many TV-shows and sometimes it takes me a while to catch up to some. That being said, I have caught up to one of the teen series that runs on ABC Family – Pretty Little Liars.

This show finished its first season in the beginning of this year but the next season started basically yesterday, I’m watching the first episode of the second season as we speak. I enjoy it because its simple and while having the basic teen drama it also has a criminal content. When a young girl, Allison, in their town goes missing, four friends fall appart, but when the body of the missing girl appears a mysterious A starts to mess with their lives. Who is A? The last question is basically the whoel point of the entire show but unlike the books that it is based, A is not the same as in the literature.

To give you a short overview of the characters and therefore the plot, I’ll try to write a summary about the four girls:

Aria Montgomery – Lucy Hale – The girl who returns to the town and kind of starts the storyline. She and her family left for a reason, her dad was having an affair and that comes out because of A giving as a horrible thought that A knows everything (they keep saying it as well). Aria starts a relationship with the high-school teacher Ezra (she doesn’t know this at first) and they try to keep it a secret for a while. At some point, her friends find out but when the relationship has a falling out at the end of season 2 we are left to wonder if that, what seems to be a nice relationship, can survive. Aria has a brother as well, but he isn’t a key character. Basically, the whole Aria storyline is evolving the teacher and her friendship with the other three girls. In my mind she is the prettiest of the three but her fashion comes off as too eccentric for me, I still like her.

Hanna Marin – Ashley Benson – A former fat girl who has become popular in their high-school is my favorite character. She is the one who always seems to make me smile and she has a great relationship with her mom and her style is so me. Her main story evolves around her mom and their money problems plus her relationship with  Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) after she has broken up with her not-so-much boyfriend. Caleb and Hanna is the main reason actually why I like this show, the way they met and the problems they had and the final episode of the first season kind of made them my favorite couple. A lot of shows are missing that element, my fav couple (One Tree Hill’s Nathan and Haley where the same). I hope they figure things out in the beginning of the second season – they deserve it.

Spencer Hastings – Troian Bellisario – Her character is probably the smartest and she usually is the one who figures  out things about A and other mysteries they come across. Spencer starts a relationship in the end of the first season with Toby, a guy who was a suspect in the murder of Allison. Toby is also the brother of a blind girl who looks creepy and who Allison kind of blinded and there is a lot of blackmail evolved. Toby is also a little strange but he turns out to be adorable and cute, thanks to Spencer. From all the characters I find Spencer to be the most intelligent and the strongest.

Emily Fields – Shay Mitchelle – Is the athlete of the group, a swimmer who also is the gay character of the show. She seems to be the follower, the kind of friend who helps others out and who stays loyal to them. Her father has to move because of their work in the beginning of the second season – she also had some troubles when she came out to her parents. Her character is my least favorite of those four, I don’t know why exactly but I have a feeling that it is because of the acting, looks a little monotone for me.

All in all this is not a very good summary of the plot but there isn’t a lot to tell, there are some situations that are solved in two or three episodes but the main thing is and will remain “Who is A?”. This is the question and the main plot of the whole show which is showing its second season. Why I like this show is that all the characters are so different and they give an opportunity to relate to them in all sorts of ways. Even Hanna’s friend who she kind of forgets when she starts her old relationship with the other three has some characteristics that remind me of my on friendships. All in all,  the pretty little liars will remain in my life for a while (at least as long as the show runs)!





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