Rather interesting stumble for me, I wasn’t really looking for it but I found it anyway – was I happy about it, well I think it was rather tolerable and the end was really surprising. But still, despite the different ending to a romantic comedy it still was a classic romantic comedy that actually raised some questions at some point but the end answered those questions.

The whole story evolves around a girl (played by Alyssa Milano) who has two boyfriends, one of who is portrayed by Christopher Gorham from many TV-shows that some of you might know (Popular, Ugly Betty, Felicity etc). She can’t choose between them, she is like torn between a successful man and somebody who in my opinion is way better that just a guy who has money. Anyway, the movie had some what an interesting but still quite a confusing ending, the thought was rather good but I think they could have solved it in a better way. Make it bigger and louder and well, some what more understandable because it took me a while to get it and I don’t consider myself slow. Although, I was tired that night and I had enough of that girl juggling  two men – enough is enough.

All in all, just a stupid romantic comedy – wasn’t even funny, at least make it funny and then I can forget that the romance is stupid. It’s definitely a 2 out of 5 for me.


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