There isn’t much to say about this movie, rather stupid and really annoying with its naive story-line. Since the movie is based on a book that is based on the all so famous “Beauty and the Beast” – I could say it is the book’s fault but since I don’t want to, I say that it is all on the movie.

The only good thing about it was Alex because well, I’m a woman and I love the Brits to the core but even Alex couldn’t save this one, sorry Alex. The movie is basically about a boy (Alex Pettyfer) who is very popular and has a big overblown ego – he gets cursed by this which (played by Mary-Kate Olsen) and then he has to find love while being ugly. Ugly in this movie means having open scars and weird tattoos and being bald – not like the original version which was all hairy and stuff. So he has to find somebody who would fall in love with him and then due to an epic story-line stupidity she has to live with him. He has a maid and a blind tutor (Neil Patrick Harris) and they all live there and he builds her a rose garden or what ever and they live happily ever after without the curse of course.

So, it really does sound stupid right? Well, it is no Forrest Gump and I suggest you not to watch if your looking for some intelligent company – I watched it because I wanted to see Alex and because I was studying and needed something really stupid to get my mind off of schoolwork.  So 1 out of 5 for this one, it would be 1,5 actually because of Alex.


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