The last episode of season 4 just ran before my eyes and I was in tears at the end – Robert is dead! Those who don’t know would not care but I have been watching the show ever since it aired and I care, I care a lot. My surprise was due to me not knowing that Rob Lowe (he plays, I mean played, Robert McCallister) was leaving the show, something that was known for a while I presume. That aside, I bet nobody knew that Saul had HIV! Seriously, he is an old gay man who doesn’t have anybody except his family and now the writers give him HIV – what a treat. That reminds me that Kitty, who has survived cancer now has to survive the loss of her husband – they keep tormenting the characters that deserve better! At least Sarah got her French man to stay with her and Kevin is expecting a child with Scotty – if they mess up their lives I’ll be mad.

Other than that I think that the show is doing well, the drama is still there (obviously with a season finale like that) and there are some other new interesting things coming on the show (addition to death, HIV and a new baby). Ojai Foods that was a big part of the family has now been eliminated and a new water business is getting its start – I hope they don’t start drinking water instead of wine. There is the Justin going to Haiti and leaving Rebecca behind with her new job, Scotty and Saul are opening a restorant and a question that first comes to mind, will Kittys’ campaign go on after Roberts’ death? And also, what about Tommy – he has now been absent for so many episodes and just makes random appearances – does he get new story-lines or is he left behind while the Walker family drama continues as usual? Well all that has to be put to rest until the fifth season starts in September – I can’t wait!


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