Over these past few weeks I have been mostly studying or at least trying to do so and I haven’t watched many movies but since I was kind of looking forward to I Am Number Four I decided to waste my time on it. Waste being not the right word because I actually enjoyed it as much as I am able to enjoy an action movie these days.

The story itself is of course some sort of an alien thing which luckily the main character is very familiar with – it would’ve been unnecessary to make him unaware of his own powers. But he knew what/who he was: this all powerful thing but he wasn’t quite sure how much power he had or something. Actually, the only thing I remember of this movie at this point is Alex Pettyfer looking hot. I’m sorry for being a shallow woman and all but I like him and I like Timothy Olyphant also. The women (played by Dianna Agron and Teresa Palmer) in this movie were both blond, a slight disappointment – why not cast at least one brunette!?

I Am Number Four evolved into an action packed movie mostly in the middle, the final battle was rather okay and of course there was a trusty nerd side-kick who had a good line in the end “I play a lot of X-box” – makes sense! The bad human boy became good in the end and there were a lot of other clich├ęs that came across the screen and this usually isn’t something that deserves my high scores – but how original can an action movie be, right?

All in all, hot guy running and fighting around, chasing after an innocent blond love-of-his-life (literally) and saving the “world” and then going into the “sunset” to fight with the rest of the bad aliens. Sounds a bit silly, sounds like 3 stars out of 5 and sounds like I don’t remember much about it except the man meat ( no offense, Alex) looking good. Oh the British, how I adore you!

PS: The gecko/dog was so predictable to be some sort of a friend who will help out along side with the hot piece of alien.


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