When a good trailer appears it is kind of a special moment for me because I then am left with the instant need to watch that movie – but of course I have to wait. This time, Daydream Nation – a promising teen comedy, comes out on 6th of May. So not a long wait to see Kat Dennings play a city girl who moves to a small town. Sounds a little like Easy A after you watch the trailer, or at least it seems to be but much more complicated. Josh Lucas is also in this as a hot teacher because let’s face it – he is hot!

The movie is written and directed by a first comer Michael Goldbach – who doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page and it has a 6,3 score in IMDb cause it premiered in Toronto last year. But the score doesn’t scare me, Easy A has a 7,2 and it was pretty good. Plus, Daydream Nation hasn’t made its way into the States yet so the score isn’t final. So, hopefully it will turn out to be a decent comedy.

[youtube=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDlv4Ooyjas”] 0

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