I usually don’t do posts about certain episodes since I watch like 25 shows during a week and that you know, would overwhelm the whole movie blog with TV-show stuff and I don’t want that to happen. But as I was waiting for Vampire Diaries return the more I wanted to see the episode with the returning Isobel. The 17th episode had some cliffhangers and well they sure managed to bring to the surface a lot of problems for our Elena.


First of all, this post is filled with spoilers so you better not read this if you haven’t seen this episode yet although I can’t think of any reasons why you shouldn’t have watched it already. Anyway…

The most saddest thing was in my opinion the Matt situation. Despite the oh so vampire friendly characters like Elena and Jeremy in Vampire Diaries and many many others all over the industry from True Blood to Twilight (yes, I mentioned it – just had to) – Matt wasn’t that excited about Carloline being dead and all. Which makes sense, why should everyone be okay with it? But the fact that despite his love for Caroline he believed her mom, who in my opinion thinks that all vampires are robbed of their human emotions, feelings and are basically cold blooded killers. So I think Matt made mistake by telling the sheriff all that information that basically can ruin everything!

The other sad moment or mostly shocking was Isobel’s suicide which she did in front of Elena to kind of show her that she really does love her in her own weird way. I didn’t care for her character but it was still a very good twist to the whole episode. But the most annoying part of the whole episode wasn’t actually the stupid moonstone hiding place but the fact that Bonnie dies when she kills the original. Why does every big magic power include the death of the witch? I’m thinking like.. robbing them their powers would be an interesting new way of casting powerful spells. At least that’s what I think.

But as you know, the very end of the whole episode was the best – THE BEST – Alaric is now Klaus! I named him Klausaric or Klaric or something. I thought that this explained the whole “nobody knows what Klaus looks like” situation perfectly! Now we just have to wait what happens to Klaric and this involves me thinking outrageous thoughts about Alaric killing Klaus inside out and stuff like that.

All in all, one of the best way to come back after a long vacation.. a solid 9,0 to this episode (in scale to 10). What did you guys think?


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