I try to keep myself updated with the newest trailers a lot so I thought I should talk about the latest that appeared in Apple Trailers – Charlie St. Cloud, Johan Hex, Grown Ups, Secretariat and Super 8.

First is a movie where Zac Efron makes his first serious role as Charlie St. Cloud in surprise-surprise Charlie St. Cloud, a boy who loses his brother and has to cope with his loss. I want to see this movie, not only because I want to see Zac play something totally different from his previous roles as Troy in High School Musical or Mike O’Donnell in 17 Again, but because it seems intrigueing. A ghost brother and coming of age story – pretty interesting I think.

Jonah Hex in the other hand is something I’m not very sure about. I know that the guys would be running to the theater to see Megan Fox wearing a dress that shows her breasts (like in every movie she plays) but another tormented man looking for revenge, I’m not so interested even though I’m gonna probably watch it anyway.

Grown Ups on the other hand seems a fun comedy with Adam Sandler reuinted with Kevin James and Rob Schneider where men act like kids and Rob is married with an elderly woman. Although Adam Sandler has dissapointed me in some movies I think I will like this movie and Chris Rock might be also one of the reasons I’m looking forward of it.

Disney is bringing us Secretariat – a true story of a racing horse that won the Triple Crown in 1973. While the main character is the horse, Diane Lane plays Penny the owner of the horse and John Malkovich its trainer. I have to admit, I am a sucker for films based on true stories in every form they come and I’m especially a fan of sports movies, even if they are about horse racing.

While these trailers gave a lot away there was one that left me puzzled – Super 8, a movie written and directed by J.J Abrams. There is an alien for sure but what is it going to do – destroy the world or save it? Probably going to destroy it but aren’t there any good aliens that escape from area 51 and have remarkable strenght? I’m left guessing until 2011.


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