Another classic has made its way to my mind, this time it was due to my roommates comments about the fact that I hadn’t seen it yet. Well, guess what, I had seen it but I simply didn’t remember anything about it. Well, now I remember all of it and I must say, for a teen movie, this is a great example, how to really do it!

The Breakfast Club tells a story about five teenagers who get detention and have to spend the Saturday in school. The whole movie is basically shot in this one room that seems to be a library of some sorts – some running around as well but mostly, shot in one place. The fun thing about it, is the stories that start to evolve between these five completely different people. As far as high school stereotypes go, those five are exactly that – an athlete, a basket case, a princess, a criminal and a nerd – the Breakfast Club with five complete opposites works because they’re so different.

As far as movies go, this is a great one because it’s simply fun and there is no reason this shouldn’t be – the late John Hughes, who brought us classics like Home Alone 1,2 and 3, Beethoven, Dennis the Menace and many more, has a spot on track record. Movies like that, movies that are meant for the family to enjoy, classics that are in almost every family Christmas movie-list, are always fun to watch. They don’t make movies like that anymore, or it just seems like those loving movies are overcrowded by blockbusters that blow up things and spend more money on computer effects than anything else. This makes me sad but then again, things change but luckily there is always a way to watch the good ones over and over and over again.

Cause there is a rule about 4 out of 5 movies, they need to be watched again. Until next time, The Breakfast Club!


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