Last week I took the time and saw bunch of movies – was I bored? A little yes, but mostly I felt guilty cause I hadn’t watched any of the movies on my list lately and since Blue Valentine seemed like a good fit I went with that.

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams got together and made Blue Valentine – a raw and emotional love story that showed how every story starts off and then.. how some stories end. Both of their performance was absolutely amazing, there is doubt about that but in the end, I wouldn’t watch this movie for the second time. Not that it was bad, I think it was rather good and a new kind of way to show love (definitely far from Notebook) but it left me feeling nothing good (and not even bad-good) in the end. Like, I was a little mad instead cause the movie really didn’t tell me “why”. I got the whole they grew apart and falling out of love but I still felt like Michelle’s character had some unfinished thoughts and me, as a viewer, didn’t get to hear them.

This being said, maybe that was the point. The unknowingness of the story, the unfinished feelings in the end – maybe Blue Valentine simply was a story about falling in and out of love with no reason – or should I just accept the reason that simply states that they “fell out of love”. Anyway, I am apparently really questioning the movie at this point, meaning this makes you think. I would probably think even harder if I was older and maybe even felt those things Ryan and Michelle showed with so much passion and truth that it makes me wonder if they both were underrated in last years movie awards. I think that Michelle gave a better performance that Natalie Portman since they both seemed similar but Michelle had more realness behind her character. But Blue Valentine was against movies like The King’s Speech, The Social Network, Black Swan, Inception and so on – among those, it wasn’t the best movie but definitely worth more because of the performances those two gave.

So from me, 4 out of 5 to Ryan and Michelle, 3 out of 5 to the movie as a whole.


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