The Nothing Hill director Roger Michell has brought us a new romantic comedy, I just got the chance to watch it and to be honest, I don’t exactly know what to say about it. But I’ll give it a try because I have a lot of respect for the cast starting with Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford. It is delightful to see such a talented group of people come together especially Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton – both haven’t done comedy for quite some time now.

Since I already started with the actors I might as well continue with them. Rachel McAdams plays the lead in this one, she is a driven woman who looses her job in the beginning just so she’d get one with the not so good morning show, Day Break. She does a lot of running in this one, I remember her even mentioning it in one of her interviews – and the editors really showed off a lot of her doing the running – which I find unnecessary. The movie is about 1h 40 minutes long, there is no need to prolong the obvious end by showing how fast Rachel can run. But that a side, she is a pleasant person and it shows, her character didn’t annoy me like the Katherine Heigl types usually do – so I’ll give her a thumb up but just one. Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford on the other hand get both two thumbs. Why? They are Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford, that’s why! They can’t do wrong in my book, especially with roles like these: interesting, funny and entertaining. And to finish this part of the post, the casting was an absolute treat, including Patrick Wilson (who played the love interest for McAdams) and Jeff Goldblum (who played the boss).

Now on to my favorite thing to criticize: the oh so famous storyline! It wasn’t as good as I thought after seeing the trailer, I thought that it would have much more emphasis on Harrison Ford’s character turning into a good guy but that was left in the end and he was grumpy all the way through the main story. There wasn’t much about the love either, Rachel and Patrick got together fast and that was basically it. So it seemed that the most important thing was the TV-show, Day Break but that really wasn’t shown as much. All in all, I can’t really tell what was the MOST important character nor story-line, it all seemed to be mixed together in a mash that is the movie Morning Glory. A little of this, a little of that and in the end, it didn’t say anything while having some good jokes at times. Guessing that this is the reason why it has 6,8 score on IMDb – it is entertaining but it doesn’t say anything. Though, when do romantic comedies ever say anything that hasn’t said before? On that note, I’ll end my review adding some stills and giving this one a 3,5 out of 5.


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