Going through my original DVD collection I found this treat from 2001 with Michael Douglas and Brittany Murphy. The movie is a thriller and it comes as a surprise that it has the same score in IMDb as Life As We Know It. I guess the thriller/drama score ratings are much higher since there are so many great movies from that genre. But this movie deserves a better score not because it is a very good one but because it shows Brittany Murphy at her best.

The young actress died in 2009 and I can’t remember if I’ve watched any of her movies since, except this one. This one being a more serious role from her is far away from the break through portrayal of a sweet teenager in Clueless (1997). The last one is like a teenage movie of that decade, Mean Girls (2004) being the next and Easy A (2010) the latest in that kind of genre.

But not to make this postabout everything else but the movie I will give a short summary of the plot. Something gets stolen by Sean Bean but somebody else steals it from him and he of course wants it back (I’m talking about a ruby or something). Enter Michael Douglas who has a daughter who gets kidnapped and he has a certain amount of time to get the information from Brittany or else… The movie doesn’t have any twist nor turns, at leats I can’t recall any of those who play a key role in the whole plot at least. It is pretty much a simple information gets revealed and that is that so this might probably be the reason why it doesn’t have a higher score. A simple evolving storyline and a good ending – and that’s about it. All in all I would say it’s a 2 but since I feel a bit nostalgic about Brittany Murphy I will give it 3 out of 5 – it isn’t the fast and exciting thriller, more of a logical normal based movie.


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