I have found a temporary cure for my hate towards romantic-comedies – get really drunk and laugh the whole way through. This won’t make the movie better, this just will make you feel a little better and in the end you don’t feel like you have wasted 1,5hours of your life watching some stupid movie that won’t get more than just 1 out of 5.

I watched Life As We Know It a week ago I think and I just got the mood to write about it. The plot starts with the cruelest of ways: two people die and leave their baby to Katherine and Josh who apparently can’t stand each other. And you pretty much know what is going to happen next. The only thing is that instead of making it a total Katherine and Josh story they throw in another Josh, Josh Lucas who you might remember from Sweet Home Alabama (aww, the cutest movie  ever!) and he just messes up the whole plot for me. Why? Because the drunk part of me wanted the other Josh (Lucas) to end up with her – totally the opposite to the typical rom-com storyline. So the end was a complete disappointment and I am now mad at the movie.

Though IMDb gives it a pretty decent score at 6,1 the fact that it is a lame romantic-comedy with a very very bad starting point – you just don’t start a movie by killing two loving parents! This reminds me of PS: I Love You which by the way was carried out with much more class and believable acting – Hilary Swank was sad about it, very very sad!, but Katherine and Josh made it all about them somehow and the nervous laughing by Katherine while finding out that two of their best friends who JUST DIED left them their child just seemed so out of this world. Basically the plot was like pulled out of a very empty mind which tends to be the case with most of  the romantic-comedies. Til the next one! (You know that there is going to be the next one because I like to dish the bad romantic-comedies, negative critic makes me feel better.)

NB: At least Josh Duhamel and Josh Lucas were hot, thank god for that!


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