First of all I’d like to apologize for my absence these past few days, since it is the end of my second year in university I have a lot of studying to do, writing to be exact. And keeping up with the writing in a blog just doesn’t seem as fun when you have loads of other stuff to write for credit. But that doesn’t mean I don’t watch movies – Avatar was this weeks pick.

I had already seen it, before I saw The Hurt Locker and now after I saw Avatar for the second time I just don’t get it. I just simply find it so hard to believe that Avatar didn’t get the almighty Oscar. Okay, I get that the waris important and Bigelow can make a wicked action scene but Avatar – it was art! Even IMDb agrees with me by giving The Hurt Locker 7,9 (with 72,592 votes in) while Avatar is surfing on a 8,4 (with 233,017 votes!). So I’m thinking it’s politics, like everything nowadays seems to be – in 82 years first woman to win an Oscar for best movie! while her ex-husband was also nominated in the same category. Or maybe I’m just one of those people who likes blue things running around in a imaginary world with moss which glows when you step on it and the Academy Awards didn’t find it worthy of being called the best.

I thought it was because I found The Hurt Locker to be bit boring for my taste. Off course I liked the whole vibe (desert, heat) of it and the ending was realistic (soldiers will always be soldiers)  but there was something off. Was it the constant ignorance towards commands and not obeying the rules that made it look stupid, I’ll never know because I will not watch it again nor will I ever go to war. But honestly, will 3 soldiers go into the dark to look for terrorist just because one crazy guy thinks it is okay and not tell anyone they’re going? Well, sure.. that makes total sence.  I found this quote that proves my point:

“The movie-goer in me thought it was an entertaining movie, the Soldier in me was disappointed by inaccuracies and the inaccurate portrayal,”

said Lt. Col. Gregory Bishop, Army Public Affairs-West film liaison officer.

So I guess I was watching it from a soldiers point of view (even though I am not) and was not even entertained because I was so disappointed at its non-realistic situations. Which is funny because while watching Avatar the non-realistic part was exactly what I was concentrating.

While The Hurt Locker was directed at realism, Avatar was a master piece of fiction – a world known as Pandora! I read that Avatar as an idea became to Cameron in 1994 but he had to wait for the technology to catch up with his fantasy. A good idea from a man who already has brought us Alien, Terminator, Titanic and now Avatar. Sure there was some mocking at the script (where somebody pointed out that it was just like Pocahontas) but I still think that the story wasn’t even the most important thing – Pandora was the main character and it played its part well. Thanks to the computer arts team that according to Wikipedia had about 900 people working on it at one point we got to see a world that Cameron had imagined 16 years ago in his mind – while people try to destroy it off course because that’s what we do.

But then comes Jake, a former marine who has to replace his dead twin brothers’ place as an avatar. There is love, there is betrayal, there is victory – a long story short, Jake is a hero and Avatar is about becoming a hero. Yes, it is simple, it is predictable but it is still thrilling and I should know, I’ve seen it twice and I have a sudden urge (while I write this post) to watch it again and isn’t that a good thing? If I think about it, all the movies I want to see again and again have simple plots, not something very serious just entertainingly interesting. So I guess that is the reason behind its massive popularity and the fact that Cameron is planning to make two sequels. (I don’t know what to think about it but when dead people start to return, I might think it is a little lame.) So, will Cameron get an Oscar for Avatar Two or Avatar Three, who knows, but as a movie blogger I know that sequels can go horribly wrong or happily right in the money hole.


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