Every now and then I sit down and watch a good movie – meaning a serious one and not some entertainment stuff that just makes me laugh at it. Usually I write bad reviews about those movies cause they just seem to be asking for it. Anyway, this time I sat down and decided to watch a movie from 2007, Andrew Garfield in the lead. I’ve started to warm up to him lately, he has that something something going on and his Spiderman movie might be very interesting.

Boy A is a story of a young kid who gets out of prison. He and his friend were young and foolish, they killed a young girl and got sentenced in a very young age so by the time he was out of prison he was a teenager, a young man who had lost his youth. Nobody knows his true identity except his guardian who himself has a young son who he doesn’t care much about. How the young boy becomes a part of society and how the people find it outrageous that a young man who killed a girl is out in the world again. The pressure to be normal, the need to fit in – an outsider in the big scary world.

That’s what it is all about, the struggle of a innocent killer. Plus, it’s an English film and you should know, I love the accent and the country and the people from there – UK all the way. Andrew Garfield was pretty unknown back then, considering he now has movies like Never Let Me Go, The Social Network and Spiderman’s new edition. He has grown up since then but the innocent boy look back in 2007 in the Boy A was a suitable role for him. Over all I think this movie deserves a solid 4 out of 5 score. But the fact that this isn’t a light movie should be remember, sometimes I tend to over think things if I’m in a serious mood and watch serious movies – but maybe it’s just me and my weird traditions.


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