The first look at this new superhero – new meaning that this is a new version of the already existing Captain America and it is coming out on December 1st. Long wait for those who are waiting for this superhero to save the world but for me, I can handle it just fine.

Chris Evans plays the Captain America and I have to admit, he sure seems fit for the role. I’ve seen him in so many supporting roles and he does have that Captain America vibe going on. Tommy Lee Jones, Dominic Cooper, Sebastian Stan and Neal McDonough are also in this. Since the Super Bowl was yesterday and it is well known that it shows many new commercials and trailers it is possible to add a teaser trailer for Captain America. It doesn’t say much but what more can be said about a superhero movie – guy becomes superhero, hero is faced with a bad guy, hero gets beaten up by bad guy, hero saves the girl, hero saves the day/world/universe – pretty much the same with this one as well I think.

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