This is going to be a short post for several reasons. Some of them good, most of them not so good, but since I have been a lazy blogger for a while and I don’t feel like writing at the moment either I thought I should at least put down something because I would feel worse if I didn’t.

I went to see Burlesque with my friends two weeks ago, it was on Monday, that I remember well. And there weren’t many people and among those people even fewer guys who apparently weren’t as excited as us girls were when the number one reason why to watch this movie gave the best moment of the movie while wearing nothing. Let me explain.

1. Cam Gigandet has been one of my favorite bad guy for a while, now he finally got out of that and ended up being the main man in the movie. He even lost all of his clothes and offered Christina a cookie – and that is not a metaphor!

2. Christina Aguilera, the star of the movie, was looking pretty good in this considering she can sing and dance and act.. I’m kidding, she can’t act – and I don’t really like those singers who turn into actresses, because actresses can do the singing themselves (like in Chicago!).

3. Cher is almost as old as my grandmother and she was wearing the same clothes as Christina – not good.

4. The whole plot.. I don’t even remember.

5. Stanley Tucci proved that he is a great gay-assistant, I like him!

6. Cam is hot!

So this is the list. Considering that I didn’t overwhelm it with a lot of facts pretty much says that I didn’t care for it and I was only entertained in a bad way. You know, when you look at a movie and laugh because it is so wrong that you can’t help yourself? I felt that, most of the time ..  Latest musical-comedy-dramas that I have watched have included Dreamgirls and Chicago – both have Oscars written all over them, Burlesque didn’t even get a nomination. All it got was a Golden Globe for an original song, which didn’t include any help from the lead actress nor the “I’m-making-a-comeback” Cher.

And final words about the movie.. when it comes to my opinion, Cam stole the movie – end of story!


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