You’re probably wondering why am I watching animated Disney movies.. well, they are the easiest ones to watch when your head has just read through narrative theories and syntax and paradigmatic  and a whole lot of other semiotic stuff that I don’t want to get into right now. While romantic comedies are also easy they tend to make me mad, whilst animated movies just pass me by and don’t leave me cursing.

Anyway, the latest Disney was Tangled. I watched this weeks ago and I’m just getting to this review which is really bad but I will manage. The story is simple cause it is based on a fairytale, what a surprise: Rapunzel. Well, not sure how the original fairytale went but it probably wasn’t funny – Tangled had a quite cute humor to it. Interesting fact is that the male character who was voiced over by Zachary Levi known from a TV-show called Chuck – was just like I imagined Zachary to be. Honestly, even his character in Chuck – it’s Chuck by the way – feels like his true personality. So Flynn felt realistic, as realistic as a drawn character could look. Rapunzel was voiced by Mandy Moore and you guessed right, Tangled is a bit of a musical. That was annoying and I didn’t really tuned in with the songs.

Without getting into the story I would add that there was a pretty awesome visual in the movie when Rapunzel and Flynn were on a lake and I even decided to add those pictures as stills from the animation. I rarely enjoy a animated movie scene this much since I thought it was put together beautifully and it looked amazing. But as far as scoring the movie goes I have no intention to do so because it is meant for kids and kids will probably love it so.. that says enough.


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