The last Colin Firth movie for me was A Single Man and I thought that he can’t get any better.. oh man, was I wrong! Colin Firth has been climbing the ladder of success these last few years and has been nominated for an Oscar which he probably will get. Why? I think being somebody who has to use his voice for a profession and then portraying somebody who doesn’t have it but should have it and must have it even – it sounds so difficult but some how, Colin Firth made it look effortless.

The King’s Speech is a movie about a future king/the king of England who has a stutter and has to over come it by the help of this speech therapist played by Geoffrey Rush who was found by his wife portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter. And that is basically the whole story, the main plot and the rest is carried by those amazing actors, their dialogs and Colin’s ability to stutter with such skill that I forgot his real way of speech.

What makes the movie more close to heart is probably the fact that it is based on true events, true stories – and I even read that the notes by the speech-therapist were used in order to write the screenplay. Things that are true, all those movies that tell a story about a person who overcomes the obstacles in his/her life – those movies are the ones that always make me smile and really smile. They have a unique way making you cheer for that person cause you some how see him as a real person, not a character – because when you have the knowledge that it is based on real life, a true story, you have the context behind it that will alter your mind into thinking that it isn’t the actor on the screen but it is a person who lived and a person who did all those things – this is why The King’s Speech is good and this is why The Social Network is good. People don’t like fantasy anymore it seems , they like the real world and the movies that show that reality to us get to us on a much deeper level.

So basically this was almost a 2 hour movie that I can’t really talk about because there isn’t much else to tell. That being said, there is so much else to watch! Colin being the number one reason, Geoffrey second and you can even watch Helena Bonham Carter because she has some great outfits. While at the same time there is also an enjoyable script and the whole vibe of the movie takes you back in time. I think it would be a great “best movie of the year 2010” because it shows real acting skills among other great things behind making The King’s Speech, not that The Social Network and Black Swan and others didn’t have that.. I just think that Colin stole the last year, he was great and he deserves his nomination and The King’s Speech deserves those other 11 nominations and now it is only a matter of time before the Oscars start piling for them. 5 out of 5.


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